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The Worst Domain Name

The name of a domain is somehow first impression to a visitor, so if there are something wrong with the domain name, terrible things could happen.

Look at the following domain names:

  1. Who Represents www.whorePresents.com
  2. Experts Exchange www.expertSexchange.com
  3. Pen Island www.penisLand.net
  4. Therapist Finder www.theRapistfinder.com
Have you found the horrible things? Yes, misunderstanding is worse than misspelling...

More can be seen at evarest online.


How to become a word guru?

If you have seen the popular american TV series "Prison Break" Season 2, you must have got a deep impression by the character T-bag.

What made me surprised is his fancy grammar / vocabulary. He can use different words to describe one thing. This ablity comes from his childhood, when his father forced him to recite a whole american english dictionary!

From the script of Episode 17 "Bad Blood":
YOUNG T-BAG: Ten synonyms for destroy. (closing his eyes, remembering) Annul. Mutilate. Liquidate. Abrogate. Quell. Ravage. Expunge. Demolish. Extinguish. Extirpate.

I always find me short of words, no, no, no, I don't mean I cannot say any word, but only quite normal words, like "destroy". :-)

Internet provides a lot of possibilities to let us learn something online. I used to learn those synonyms of words from the GRE-preparing book. Now we have a better way to explore the world of words - Roget's Thesaurus of English words and phrases.

With the word "destroy", I got 60(!) result with the same meaning of "destroy". So, it's really time to learn some thesaurus [thi-sawr-uh s] if one wants to become a word guru. Like a chinese proverb says: There is no royal road to learning.


Use WinFlip to simulate the Flip3D effect under XP

For those people who admire the shining effect  of switching windows - Flip3D under Windows Vista but have only Windows XP, here is a good news. WinFlip is such a very little eye candy to simulate the cool effect. It's extract & run ready without more configurations needed. Most important, it uses less resource (More precisely, it can adjust its effects on hardware performance automatically) and is free to use.


use WinKey + Tab to switch between windows. WinKey + Shift + Tab to switch backwards.


Click here to download the latest version 0.41. More information can be found on:

Main Site: http://www.tokyodownstairs.com/ (already down for a few days :-( )

Official Mirror Site: http://winflip.stylekings.de/

New version comes also with mouse gestures. So just try it.