Use WinFlip to simulate the Flip3D effect under XP

For those people who admire the shining effect  of switching windows - Flip3D under Windows Vista but have only Windows XP, here is a good news. WinFlip is such a very little eye candy to simulate the cool effect. It's extract & run ready without more configurations needed. Most important, it uses less resource (More precisely, it can adjust its effects on hardware performance automatically) and is free to use.


use WinKey + Tab to switch between windows. WinKey + Shift + Tab to switch backwards.


Click here to download the latest version 0.41. More information can be found on:

Main Site: http://www.tokyodownstairs.com/ (already down for a few days :-( )

Official Mirror Site: http://winflip.stylekings.de/

New version comes also with mouse gestures. So just try it.


TedM said...

Hey everyone, I just want to let oyu know that this program is GREAT!

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