Selected Firefox themes

Here are some pretty themes for firefox. So if you're already tired of the default style of firefox just like me, try one of them!

Other Software

FOXSCAPE - Netscape


Office 03 - Microsoft Office 2003

    Office 03

Outlook 2003 Blue - Outlook 2003

    Outlook 2003


Abstract Classic - icons with angles

    Abstract Classic

Baby Blue/ BB - pink and blue

    Baby Blue

Bible Fox - Christian symbols

    Bible Fox

Glowy Green - dreamy colors

    Glowy Green

Littlefox for Firefox - for small resolution


MidnightFox - neon with black


OldFactory Black - old style control panel

    Old Factory

PimpZilla - earth


Pink Paula / PP2 - pinkie for teenagers

    Pink Paula

RedShift V2 Beta - red and black


Scribblies Brite - for kids

    Scribblies Brite

ShadowThunder II Sunbeam - bright yellow


Walnut for Firefox - Wooden


Operating Systems

iFox Smooth - Mac

    iFox Smooth

Macfox II - Mac OS

    Macfox II

Metal Lion - Vista - Vista

    Metal Lion

Netscape Windows 3.1 - Windows 3.1

    Netscape Windows 3.1

Ubuntu Human Theme - Ubuntu

    Ubuntu Human

Ubuntu Tango Theme - Linux

    Ubuntu Tango

Vista-aero - Internet Explorer 7



HalloFF - The Nightmare Before Christmas.


Halloween - Browser with ghosts


Lineage 2 - Game: Lineage 2

    Lineage 2

NASA Night Launch - Can even style numerous extensions.

    NASA Night Launch

Red Cats (green flavor) - for cat lover

    Red Cats

The Simpsons - German version

    The Simpsons

tuxof - Unreal Tournament 2004


X-Mas (Light) - Christmas

    Xmas Light

So what do you like mostly? :-) <- this symbol is 25 years old, btw.


Pack all in one with Bundled Wrapping Method

For those people who are always en route, here is a excellent wrapping method to pack all needed clothes in a compacter way.

More details can be seen at http://www.onebag.com/pack.html


A new MSN smiley collection: Tuzki

My most used IM software is MSN Messenger. So I do collect many funny smiley. :) Now here is the newest collection of my smiley. It's really popular....

Download it here. Don't tell me you don't know how to install them....


Photography by Quang-Tuan Luong

Recently I am busy in finding a job, making some interviews. So the update on this site is somehow delayed. Today I found some terrific photographies by Quang-Tuan Luong.

Born in France, from Vietnamese parents, he was originally trained as a scientist (Ecole Polytechnique X84, PhD University of Paris), who made a few contributions to the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing.

Twenty years ago, his life was transformed by the wilderness of mountains. Now he is a photographer, so we have chance to see all his beautiful photos. :)

So, enjoy!

AT: http://www.terragalleria.com

US National Parks

QT Luong has photographed in extraordinary detail each of the 58 US National Parks, resulting in this unique collection of more than 4000 pictures.

North America

From sea to shining sea, the natural landscapes and cities of Canada, Mexico, and the USA including an extensive California gallery.

Asia and Israel

The surprising people, traditional culture, and temples of Japan, South-West China, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar.


Historic cities and small towns of Belgium , France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, full of ancient ruins, monuments, fountains, castles, churches, cathedrals, old homes and streets.


A variety of tropical images from Australia and the islands of American Samoa and Hawaii.

Mountain Adventure

Alpinism in the heart of the Alps, Waterfall ice climbing, Big wall climbing in Yosemite, Expedition on Mt McKinley, Traveling Alaska's wilderness, High Sierra.

Studio images

The first of a series of studio artistic interpretations of nature subjects features orchids, the most diverse group of all flowering plants.


A better than iPhone Cellar Phone Concept

Have you ever dreamed of a better cellar phone that the famous iPhone? Here is the idea which can answer your question. A cellar phone with 100% touch screen. You may say, that is not a new idea. Yeah, you're right. What makes this concept different is: It can be combined!

Two or more such cellar phone can be used together to make a better user experience. In my opinion, it's more like a LCD TV WALL. :)

[from Yankodesign]