A better than iPhone Cellar Phone Concept

Have you ever dreamed of a better cellar phone that the famous iPhone? Here is the idea which can answer your question. A cellar phone with 100% touch screen. You may say, that is not a new idea. Yeah, you're right. What makes this concept different is: It can be combined!

Two or more such cellar phone can be used together to make a better user experience. In my opinion, it's more like a LCD TV WALL. :)

[from Yankodesign]


Adam said...

A good idea, but it wont work, and no where near as good as the iPhone!

I mean, what is the point really? Who is gona buy more than one of these things, just to make the screen bigger? Its too much hassle and would cost too much. Just get a laptop!

motou said...

My thought is, this design wants to let your friends to share their screens to get more comfortable watching experience. I must say, the concept combines the adventages of Apple iPhone and Microsoft Zune. it advocates the communication possibility between friends.

Personly, I think it's only useful when I watch DVB-T or Videos by camping with friends.

So maybe the nex generation is a combination of Apple iPhone and Nintendo Wii. A phone can be used to play games with forcing to move the body of the users? :-)

Anonymous said...

The phone itself looks amazing but as someone else already stated too much work trying to connect 4 or 5 of these together just to get 1 screen. Might as well get a laptop. My iPhone/Macbook Pro > one of these!