If life is a game...

These days I met a lot of things like in a drama. Luckily, all these things are good. So it makes me think, if life is a game, what I made in this game?

Personally I love Nintendo Wii so much, but the problem is, I don't have so much room for the sport game of it. :( Ironically saying, I have bought the monthly entrance to a gym club, but I haven't made any sport training since months. All what I am dreaming about is doing the training at home before the TV set with Wii!!

I searched the whole web with the keyword "if life is a game", and I found a genius text about the idea. The fancy of Steve Pavlina is very impressive, such as:

The only way to lose the game of life is not to play. When you actively play the game, you gain skill and experience (and hopefully gold as well). Keep playing, and you’ll eventually build yourself a level 10, level 20, level 30 character. Just make sure that when you hit level 30, you aren’t still fighting level 10 monsters.

or this one:

If you find yourself in a human body, you came here to play the game of human life. Don’t sit on the sidelines whining like a noob. The truth is that if you lose all your gold, if your teammates dump you, or if your character gets infected by the plague, it’s all part of the game. Every setback initiates another round of compelling choices. The game isn’t supposed to be fair — it’s supposed to be fun and interesting. Whether or not you have a fun and interesting experience largely depends on what kind of player you are.
I must say, I learned a lot from that text "Life - The Ultimate Game". Take a look at it, you may lose 5 minutes in your game of the life, but it really worths! :)

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