Ubuntu (11.04) "Unity" now fails on OSX Lion (10.7) with Parallels (6.0.12094)

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The story is like this. When I used Ubuntu (11.04) "Unity" on OSX Snow Leopard (10.6) with Parallels (6.0.12094), there was no problem at all. All the graphic effects can be switched on to make my eyes happy. After updating the totally new advanced operating system Mac OSX Lion(10.7), it did not work any more.

I did some research on the net. Then I found out that the issue has been reported to the Parallels company and they promised to fix it. After two months waiting on the patch (normally an update for version 6), now come the news said that the Paralles has a new version of 7. In order to fix the problem, we should take an upgrade for $49! So that is the deal, if we buy the Parallels 6 after 1. August 2011, we can get an upgrade for free. But(!) the issue is reported already right after the opening date of Mac OSX Lion, which is 22. July. So it is unfair for such people who bought the Version 6 after upgrading their mac to Mac OSX Lion.

Anyway, let's see if that fix will be ported to Paralles 6 too since the company assures that the Version 6 should also run on Lion.

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