Fix the problem with Captive Network under Mac Lion 10.7.2

The Auto Logon Window for Captive Network in Mac OS X Lion is very handy, but with the update 10.7.2 there are so many problems with such a feature happened. Sadly I have to use the IE in my VM Windows to get me logged in.

Now here is the solution:

Use Terminal or Text Editor to edit the file /etc/hosts and add the following lines to the end: crl.usertrust.com ocsp.usertrust.com crl.incommon.org ocsp.incommon.org crl.comodoca.com crl.comodo.net ocsp.comodoca.com

After that, the DNS cache must be cleared with Terminal Command:

dscacheutil -flushcache

Log off and log on, you will see the missing feature again under Lion 10.7.2.

The reason:

With the update 10.7.2 Lion has made some errors on CSL certificates, especially on some captive networks that need the user wait for a few seconds.

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