Goodbye, Flash on mobile devices!

Now the war is over. Adobe has declared that they abandon the development of Flash on mobile devices. The winner is HTML 5.

Like Google has mentioned before, the future of Internet belongs to the browser. If we think it further, in the future there should be at least one browser on one device, that means, developers should consider how and what information should be delivered, but not on what kind of devices will support it.

In other word, HTML 5 won this war just because one of its properties, "once programmed, run everywhere". Sounds familiar, right? Sure, it is the slogan of Java.

In my opinion, the device in the future should have some CSS rules to let the end user know what kind of mobile device they use. Take Mobile Safari as an example, its UI elements on a website without CSS are looked exactly like an app on a iPhone.

Now the day is coming, are you ready for the changing?

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