Node Template has been updated!

Before a three-days camp in Rotenburg I submitted a Drupal module "Node Template". After coming back from the camp, I've found there is already an issue existed for my module. Wow, it makes me really happy. At least it means there are people using that module.

The issue is about the version for Drupal 5.x. Since I didn't make any test on Drupal 5, I didn't even know it doesn't work for Drupal 5. All I have done is doing a conversion or update of my module from version for 4.7.x to version for 5.x according to a page called "Converting 4.7.x modules to 5.x", but without test it doesn't even work!

So after looking at the completely new API of Drupal 5, I fixed all the strange problems. Best of all, it helps me a lot because I'll develop another module called "Version table" in the very near future.

And here is also a screenshot of the module:

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