Node template in Drupal

Drupal is one of my favorite CMS. For a recent project I need a plug-in that can duplicate a page or a branch of book nodes. Even more I want to set them as node templates, so that I can use them for further actions.

I've looked at so many modules of Drupal, but none of them meets my requirements. So...sadly I must do it myself. The result is, I wrote a module called "node template", which can be found at http://drupal.org/project/node_template.

It's my first module project for Drupal. So I hope I have more free time to make it better. Although setting up a CVS release of that module cost me already 30 minutes to figure it out, finally is it there. :)


Adanb said...

great module!
plans to upgrade to drupal 6?
It would be great...

Anonymous said...

Can you help me please I have problem creating my node-modulename.tpl.php file. I know it is for appearance of my new page look but to code it, I don’t know where to start?
Drupal Templates