An internal error occured during: Initializing Java tooling

Since I updated my jBPM plugin for eclipse, I get the error "An internal error occured during: Initializing Java tooling" everytime when I start eclipse. Sometimes it becomes even worse, I cannot commit changes to CVS server or do something else in eclipse.

The reason is that the new version has changed the file structures and didn't provide the coresponding convension tools. So here is endly the solution:

  1. Backup the whole workspace before upgrading;
  2. You can enable or disable a new version jBPM plugin under "help"->"software updates"->"manage configurations";
  3. After the new version is running, create a blank process project, then create a blank process definition;
  4. Close eclipse, find the folder where the new created process files are;
  5. Open gpd.xml and processdefiniton.xml of the new process and your old process in an editor;
  6. Just compare the difference between those files. Mostly the new version of jBPM changes the structure of gpd.xml;
  7. So change the xml structure manually and save them;
  8. Maybe the file .classpath should alse be compared and changed.
  9. Open it in eclipse. If you are lucky, you will never see the error message again.
Hope it helps.

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