Another "internal error occured during: Initializing Java tooling"

In 2007-05-02 I've already post a blog entry called "An internal error occured during: Initializing Java tooling", now this notorious error comes again!

Today I wanted to help someone to install the jBPM Graphical Design plug-in for Eclipse. I used the same version Eclipse and the plug-in as those on my own computer. Everything is fine until I tried to import a project from a CVS server. Then comes the error "An internal error occured during: Initializing Java tooling". It really makes me frustrated after I tried again and again and made 100% sure that all the software version are the same.

So where is the problem?

The bad guy is the setting in Eclipse! After going to "Window"->"Preferences...", you can see the following dialog:

Click the option "JBoss jBPM", you will see your installation directory of jBPM library and the name of installation. If you give a new name, exactly saying, a different name from the original name which you gave in your previous Eclipse. BOOM, you got the error!

The reason: Eclipse saves every project settings in a file called .classpath. It's a xml file. You can find a line like this:
<classpathentry kind="con" path="JBPM/JBoss jBPM 3.1.2"></classpathentry>

See? The name which is used here is the convenient name! So if you change this name, Eclipse doesn't know where to find the library again.

1. Keep using the same convenient name in the preferences settings.
2. Change the entry in the .classpath file to the name you used.

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Anonymous said...

You are absolutely awesome!
I just can't believe this little inconvenience was causing me such grief. Keep up good work.