Difference between German and Chinese

Found some very interesting art works from an Chinese artist in Germany that reflect the difference between German and Chinese.

Left (Blue): German & Right (Red): Chinese

Three Meals 一日三餐

Contacts 人际关系

Moods and Weather 心情和天气

Transport 交通工具

For more info of this series of works: http://www.yangliudesign.com

References 参考:http://www.uni-ulm.de/acssu/cgi-bin/topic.cgi?forum=18&topic=933

作者介绍:刘扬,一九七六年生于北京。十三岁随家人迁居德国。十七岁时被德国柏林艺术大学设计系录取,师从于霍尔格马蒂斯,获硕士及大师班学位。毕 业后曾先后在新加坡,伦敦,柏林,纽约工作及生活。零四年在柏林开始自己的设计工作室。曾任教于荷兰设计中心,中国中央美术学院设计系,英国格拉斯歌美术 学院,并在国际设计研讨会及博览会讲座。刘杨的作品曾多次在国际设计大赛中获重要奖项,作品被国际多家博物馆展览并收藏。

Yang Liu is born in 1976 in Beijing. She came to Germany with her family at the age of 13. She was 17 years old when she studied in the Art University of Berlin (Universitaet der Kuenste Berlin). After her study she made his career as a Designer in Singapur, London, Berlin and New York. In the year of 2004 she founded her own Design Studio. Besides Workshops and Lectures on international conferences she tought in the Central Academy of Fine Art Beijing and the Glasgow School of Art. Her works are presented in many international contests, worldwide can be seen in Musums and bought for collections.


YangLiuDesignBerlin said...

Dear freind,
I'm the designer of the shown images.
I'm very glad, that my works has been shown at your website. Thanks for your Intersst.

I'd be appriciate it very much, if you could keep 3-5 images on your site and delete the rest of them online. Please also add: "For more info of this series of works: www.yangliudesign.com" Thanks!

With very best greetings from Berlin!
Yang Liu

motou said...

Dear Yang Liu,

Thanks for your tips. I am very interested in your designs. The style is abstract and compact.

Just done with your requirements.

Glad to see your more works!

Greeting from Hamburg,