Problems with IMG html tag in Flash 8

In these days I am fighting with some bugs in Flash 8. So comes the problem: I want to create a text field in Flash 8, and change its properties to "dynamic text" with "multi-line", "selectable" and "render as HTML", then I connect the text field to some html contents. Everything is fine, until I try to show some pictures using the html tag img. The result: NO imgs are shown.

After long long time with try-error and searching in the net, finally I found the reason for such problems. There are some bugs with IMG html tag in Flash 8. My solution is: After the img tag, insert at least 8 <br /> tags.

To be careful: The support of img tag is only available from Flash v7 and ActionScript 2.0. So please pay attention to your publish settings too.

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zenanthor said...

Using the property this._htmlText instead of this._text did the trick for me