SMART in Management.

A target in Management should have the attributes of SMART. That means:

  1. S - Specific

  2. The target must be certain, cannot be unsure or even not exist!

  3. M - Measurable

  4. The target we made must be measurable

  5. A - Attainable

  6. A target must be realisable, or reachable by efforts.

  7. R - result-based

  8. All our efforts should target at the traget, not just doing for doing. The most heard excuse in target-making is :"we are concentried on the process but not the result."

  9. T- Time-based

  10. Every target must have a schedule and a deadline.

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Anonymous said...

The Manager-Tools guys dislike SMART goals in general (they advocate goals being simply MT (measurable and time-limited), the rest is just useless distraction.

I recommend you listen to their (excellent) three-part podcast on the subject: